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Spandana Heart & Super Speciality Hospital is the best cardiology hospital in Sarjapur, Bengaluru with advanced infrastructure and outstanding capabilities for any heart disorder. We have specialists in cardiothoracic, critical care, anesthesia, nephrology, and other advanced treatments. We follow the best guidelines advised by the top cardiologists in the Healthcare industry.

We are always ready to provide any type of care to all emergencies and threatening conditions like heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, and any other kind of heart illness with the best cardiologists at our place.

We assure the early recovery of patients with our best postoperative procedures and physiotherapy care. We do not only limit ourselves in operations procedure, but also we do provide the best care after the operation till the patients get discharged by providing the best guidelines towards dietary along with basic self-care and suggesting some kind of exercise which will directly help the patient speedy recovery from their il

Spandana Heart & Super Speciality Hospital is equipped with a team of expert Cardiologists and the best facilities along with the latest equipment to provide multi-disciplinary care to the patient’s approach for various heart diseases. We at Spandana Heart & Super Speciality Hospital provide the best and most regular Health Check packages which will help patients monitor the condition of their Heart and help in the prevention of all kinds of cardiac issues.

At Spandana Heart & Super Speciality Hospital, we assure the best care and treatment for the Heart such as ICDs & CRTs. We are also equipped with the latest technology/machinery and efficient patient care with an entire team of doctors, and medical and non-medical staff is ensured.

Why do heart problems occur?

Heart diseases are caused due blockage of arteries and blood vessels with a waxy substance called plaque which will finally lead to severe heart problems. These waxy substances are formed from cholesterol, fatty molecules, and other minerals. The inner lining of an artery will damage due to high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, and high cholesterol where slowly plaque starts to block the blood vessels.

When to see a Cardiologist?

Heart diseases are easy to cure when they are discovered early. If you are concerned about your health with the following symptoms then you should immediately seek the advice of experts.

Chest pain
Loss of consciousness
Swelling feet
High Blood Pressure

Before it is too late, if you feel any type of the above-said symptoms it is always suitable to get treated before it becomes worse, our doctors are always a call away from you. Book your appointment right now.

Risk factors of heart disease:

Several factors will fall in place in determining the risk factors. Usually, age factor and heredity might be the reasons for heart disease. But there are a few other reasons like:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Family history of heart problems
  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy diet

“Cardiology”   @ Spandana Heart & Super Speciality Hospital

Post Discharge support:

Once the patient steps out of our hospital we still stay connected with them till they completely recovered. We call them for a regular checkup as scheduled by the concerned doctor. As we have the best nutritionists with us we suggest a proper diet chart to every patient personally.

As every patient’s condition is different from each other, we suggest the diet accordingly. Diet also helps them avoid further cardiac problems to attack.

We have experts who can provide counseling on stress management which is useful for many patients approaching us to combat stress and lead a happy and stress-free life.

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